Thursday, July 29, 2010

California Jared

This will be a double post for the Carter's (I apologize - you can stop reading now;) but I thought my family & friends might enjoy hearing about what I wrote up about Jared's latest 'vacay' to California. ;D
No, seriously Jared spent the whole month of June at Ft. Hunter Liget for Army Reserve Training. It was educational and he enjoyed the little break from his normal routine. These are the pics that I have from his trip. Enjoy!

Jared shaves his head for the occasion - Whoa!

He finds a super duper large pinecone - very cool! I love this pic of him too.

Of course, a picture of one of his meals he really liked - Chinese. He explained to me that it was special because it was the first real meal (cooked by an actual cook) that he had eaten after only MRE's and soldier chow type food in the field for the month. It looks good to me too!

I hope to add more pics from him later.