Aren't we cute?

*Cute (Some Maybe Not So Cute) Things My Children Say or Do plus a few things thrown in we do together as a family!

I've been using these as status updates on Facebook or tweets on Twitter. I thought it would be fun to keep a list going here too. I'm biased but I think a lot of these are pretty cute! I've wanted to write things like this down forever but I didn't yet now with social networking I find I want to share so I actually write it down. I hope you'll enjoy reading these too.


It was western Rodeo day at school today. Gracie dressed as a cowgirl & her daddy asked her when she came home: "What do cowboys eat?/I don't know/What do you mean you don't know & you're all dressed up as a cowboy?/I'm a cowgirl/What do cowgirls eat? Beef? Chicken?/I don't know because I'm not a real cowgirl!" Such a cute conversation! :)

I suppose there are days when nothing but a cape will do for you just hafta fly! life with a 3 yr old why can't i be superman?

What have your children decided on this snow day? Do they like the snow, being cold or are they already dreaming of summer like mine? lol! :D

It's a snow day! My children are trying to play w/ this really thin layer of snow, all bundled up, & can't believe how others live in this.

My kindergartener didn't wear dress code today - oppsie! How did I miss that?

Ack! Broken glass - better go now!

Jared often likes to ask our children what they would rate their food from one to ten? Zayah perked right up last night and said: "One means you'd rather eat at McDonald's." Needless to say, we all busted up lol! :D

My second grader walks in the door home from school today: "Mom, what have you burnt again?" :D I honestly wish I knew. Hehehe ;)

Having hot cocoa with my children is so much fun!

So far, it's been an eventful day as I was chased & nipped by a goose. Then, my 3 year old took a dip in the algae swamp. At least, lunch was so yummy! Eating food outdoors without very many bugs or it being too hot out changes everything. Now, onto the hike! :)

On our way to Palmetto State Park - can't wait! Hoping for a good hike. :)

Do you listen every day for bird song? I can hear one right outside my window at this very moment. :) Language of the birds - From Audubon Society: Sharing bird song from around the world

Tough luck for one of my sick middle schooler's & had to pick them up from school. :( Plus, until next week for scrapbook day (sorry all).... Yet I will still attempt to clean my house. :)

Just for fun: If you liked Monsters vs. Aliens then you'll love Megamind. Nice plot twists & never turned out the way I expected. I took my kids to the Dollar theatre for early out which was a blast! :)

My son, Cowboy, placed 3rd in the 14 & under category today in the 5k! He knows how to inspire his ol' mom. :) Our whole family plus a friend of Hopie's did it. We were Team Longhorns. Now, we're excited to do this again!

Microwave started on fire - I was just melting butter which didn't get melted - so glad I was home - got it outside with hotpads - drenched it - put it out - thankfully, I was not hurt - bewildered because I didn't know a microwave could spontaneously erupt into flames - all happened before 30 seconds were up. Weird. seems to be the electrical side that went up in flame. Yes, I'll be getting a new microwave.

I'm so proud of my daughter today who competed in her first ever UIL competition. "You're my only Hope..." :D

From Random House Kids: Check out to find fun activities to teach your kids about money!

Famous artworks get lego-ized. want to show this to my kids.

Riding the bull at Wal-Mart=$.50 Their expressions=priceless.

I told Gracie, my 5 year old, that I went to Austin yesterday so today she asked me"Mom, did you have fun visiting Jane Austen yesterday?":D

My heart melted when we went on a walk and my 3 year old said: "Please hold my hand, Mom." Awww... :)