Friday, September 19, 2008

When Jared's not workin', he's cookin'!

Good painting is like good cooking: it can be tasted, but not explained

Jared loves to cook! He has made some amazing dinners over the years. Here's one of his specialties - Spaghetti! He loves to eat it and make it. He likes to tell the story of how he could eat spaghetti every day and never grow tired of it because its one of his favorite meals.
Here he's making his special, yummy sauce and I love this tomato-based sauce. He cooks up some hamburger and then adds a can of Barilla or Classico plus another can of tomato sauce - a few more spices especially black pepper and wa-la ~ it's spaghetti sauce. He also made some beautiful herb with light garlic crescent rolls that were awesome!

Here's the link to the Crescent rolls recipe.

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Isaac and Becky said...

Ok Yum! You cant post pictures like that when a pregnant woman is looking at your blog :) haha! I wish you lived closer. Those crescants look AWESOME!

Bonnie said...

Those rolls look so good, can I come over?

Marcia Mickelson said...

Yum. It all looks so good. I miss those delicious meals you and Jared were so nice to invite us to.