Saturday, July 25, 2009

June and First Half of July

In Memory of our Van -
Here are some of the cutest and best pictures I could dig up that had our family's van in it, except for Zayah and the cat, I think that is my brother's car, but it was to cute to delete:

Just as I had caught up this blog, my computer crashed again so I had to wait to see when I could get it to come back up thanks to great friends with computer knowledge. It is doing alright for now. I don't have many new photo's on my computer yet because that is still down but I'll catch you up on our lives as best as I can anyway. For the most part, family life is still eventful and we're living life to the fullest!

First half of June '09

Julie's P.O.V:
School's out! It's amazing that we've made it through again. Our summer is filling up with church activities and summer learning, church camps and volunteer work as well. It's going to be fun!
Jared has worked very hard and has done extremely well getting a 4.0 with his semester of prerequisites for dental school. He's planning on doing some condensed classes this summer and then he'll finish up in the fall then next year - just in time to enter dental school in Jan. 2011. He's enjoying his classes although he's very busy and working full time to support all of us. We appreciate this very much!
I (Julie) took a trip to Utah for my brother, Mike's wedding on June 25th. I took Noah with me. The wedding was absolutely beautiful! I loved it! They seem so happy and the SLC temple is so gorgeous! I'm so blessed to have gone to their wedding!
Hopie has done so well in school and really deserves a summer break. She also received straight A's like her dad this year. She is doing excellent!
Brig has really improved in school and received a commendable report on his big 5th grade Science exam. It was his first time ever doing so well. I treated him out for ice cream with his sister Vanessa! He's also achieved his Tenderfoot in scouting.
Nessa has also received straight A's and two commendable's on her big 4th grade exam. It made her day to go out for ice cream with her buddy, Brigham. She also ran for treasurer for 5th grade student council. Even though she didn't win, her poster looked amazing as it was decorated in a beach scene complete with real sand glued on, a painted blue ocean and her bilboards said "Vanessa Carter for Treasurer" and "I would do an awesome job. Vote for me because I'm the money honey!" It has been a source of excitement for her.
Zayah is simply glad to be getting done with Kindergarten. He did a very good job overall this year. And according to his dad who went to the dance festival at school dancing to "Twist and Shout!" He was so cute all decked out in '60's attire.
Gracie finished up Joy School with an activity day at the park. We did crafts, an obstacle course, danced the chicken dance and had lunch together. Those kids in her class are just so cute and such nice friends for her. She really loves them. The other day after we ate lunch, Gracie said the cutest thing to me; "Mommy, I just love food!" I'm so grateful for her sweet attitude.
Noah is growing curiouser and curiouser. He loves to get into all sorts of things and has discovered a foolproof way to get out in to our backyard at any time he likes, yes, right through the doggie door. He has that really light blonde hair now and he smiles so wide all the time. He looks so much like his Carter cousins! So cute!
Jared's P.O.V:
Just a few quick notes about our sub-clan. Julie spent a week in Utah for her brother’s wedding - took Noah and at a hair cut, donated 10 inches of her hair to locks-of-love.
Jared spent two days deep-sea fishing and was promoted to captain in the US Army.
Hopie had a wonderous time at girls camp and has established herself as the premiere
babysitter in the High Country Ward. Brig attended 11 year-old Scout Camp -
earned Tenderfoot and is well into 1st Class. Nessa spent most of her mother’s week long absence at friends houses - a chain of sleep-overs - she is a friend magnet. Zayah and Gracie have been dinosaur crazy lately - lots of dinomagination play. Noah was a great traveler on the plane ride to and from Utah - He was considerate enough to wait until he returned to San Antonio and passengers were deboarding before he projectile vomited - such a thoughtful child.

Second Half of June

Around the second week of June, I was driving four of my children, Nessa, Gracie, Noah, and Zayah to go swimming and then CRASH! I totalled our van. It's been difficult but I'm so grateful that we are okay plus the other driver, as far as I'm aware, was alright as well. Both of our cars were towed from the scene and it was scary but we survived. We've been looking for another van but that's not going to happen as fast as I'd like either. Patience....
It feels at times that this has stressed out our summer but we are hanging in there due to nice friends inviting my kids out to go play and giving my two older girls rides to dance. I have really appreciated it! Plus a BIG thanks to my dear cousin, Jen letting my borrow their van when they came back from their family trip to Ut. So overall, we've been salvaging our summer quite nicely I think although my children might feel differently depending upon the day but school will start again in about 5 weeks and then summer will be a memory.
I found some pictures of our van during camping and different outings that we had to post in memory of it as seen above.

First Half of July

We had a really great time celebrating the 4th of July and Jared had it off for once. We had a BBQ of sausage and chicken legs. Always a yummy choice! We had anticipated trying to go & see some fireworks somewhere but as the day ended we were too tired and stayed home instead.

We were able to celebrate Gracie's 4th and Zayah's 6th birthday together. It was fun and Jared made them a GiGaNto cake! It was way too much for all of us to ever eat so we invited some friends, of course. Plus, who could turn down the happiness recieved by a kite and some candy. It was appreciated in their smiles!

Other than that we've just been busy as families are. I'll do what I can to post more news and photo's as I can. Love ya!

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Martha Berge said...

While we were hiking up the "Y" for part of the Carter reunion we ran into your parents. This was my first time meeting them, they are very nice people.