Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas Family Photo 2009

In early December of 2009, we went to the San Jose Mission as a family and had a photo shoot. Our photographer and friend, Cary Covington, did a really wonderful job! It was overcast, only a bit chilly, and overall a beautiful day for taking photo's. I love the architecture of San Jose. It was a nice day.
Jared chose one of the photo's and put together this Christmas card using Costco Photo . I made a little insert for each envelope because I like to personalize things. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get out all of my Christmas cards this year so I apologize if you didn't get one. Although, I started earlier this year thinking about Christmas cards and helping others to make them, I failed to update my address list and address each card earlier. This seems to get the best of me, the addressing part and getting them actually sent. I'll see if I can do better next year.
As you can plainly see, our children are growing up fast. In this photo from L-R: Cowboy-12, Gracie-4, Julie, Nessa-10, Jared, Noah-2, Hopie-13 and Zayah-6.


lindseyj said...

What a beautiful family!! Hope things are well :)

Isaac and Becky said...

What a great family picture! And I love the post from Jared in Iraq and the part about the chicken funeral. LOL

Hope your cute family has an amazing year!

Marcia Mickelson said...

What a wonderful picture. You all look so great.

You know what I find works? I use a label document in Word and type all my addresses and buy labels (Sometimes at the dollar store or Office Max) Then, I print them out every year and I don't have to write any address out. It takes a while initially to type them all in, but saves loads of time each year. However, I didn't even do CHristmas cards this time.

Martha Berge said...

Beautiful picture, every one looks cute, even Jared