Friday, April 2, 2010

Wildflower Season

*3 beautiful people

*sisters forever

*bluebonnets forever

*old church

*hot pinks and brilliant blues
*interesting, gray cow

*Ebenezer cemetary
*wildflowers that look like roses

Wildflower season is in full swing here in Texas! It is absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous this year since we have had so much long awaited rain during the winter months. Jared has been exploring the TX wildflowers both on his own and with his family taking photos along the way. He took the photos I've posted here. It doesn't last long so you have to pay attention to when the flowers are blooming and then make time to go and look at the beautiful flowers while they're out. In the last weekend in March, our family took a drive out into the countryside to Cheapside, TX. A town that has about two families that live there. It has a quaint church, a graveyard called Ebenezer and a few old homesteads with an old schoolhouse/banquet hall. It was a pretty place and we enjoyed driving out there to see it. Jared even talked to one of the residents who came to check on the church building so that's how we know a little more about it than what's online. On the internet, it is listed as one of the 120 ghost towns of TX. We may consider driving out to a few more ghost towns during wildflower season again in the future. It was a very peaceful experience and free for the most part except for the gas, of course.


Bonnie said...

Looks very beautiful:) Love all those flowers.

Isaac and Becky said...

Wow that is breathtaking! How beautiful!!! And ya that gray cow is crazy wierd. Too funny :) Hope your family is doing well. The kids are totally growing up. Its so fun to see their pictures!

readerbuzz said...

I left you some awards at my blog!

Julie said...

Wow! Thanks readerbuzz! Thanks for coming by. I hope you've checked out some of my book reviews at
I enjoy your very fun blog!