Thursday, August 26, 2010

2010 Summer Wrap-Up

We enjoyed a full summer with many activities together like tubing, kayaking, and going to the park and the Zoo! Here's a few of our favorite summer memories in photos:

These are at the San Antonio Zoo. Vanessa is in the Aviary where the bird drank nector from her cup. Gracie loves to sit on this statue of the baby elephant. We were so thrilled to learn that our Zoo now has a new friend elephant for the elephant that has been so lonely for a while. The new elephant was rescued from a circus. It is 58 years old. Having a Zoo pass this year has helped us to go more often and learn so much more about the animals.

These next few photo's are from the Boerne City Lake. Be sure to read a real neat story below about Brigham and Vanessa from one of their trips to the Lake with their dad. He texted me about it and I thought I would include his texts here:

Brigham and Vanessa performed a real life open water rescue moments ago. A homeade boat with two occupants sank. Brig and Nessa were running a bait out in the kayak when they heard cries for help. Both had lifejackets but they had become completely exhausted swimming against a stiff breeze. Using a tow rope, Brig and Nessa dragged the boat and occupants to shore. Everyone is okay. Brig says his shoulders will be sore tomorrow dragging a swamped boat and a large 50-something year old and his companion was no joke. Good memories. When I asked Nessa, if she was scared she said "A little but we could tell that they really needed help."

This is a great view of the Lake. One reason we went to this lake so much is that it was the lake that Jared and Brigham swam in for the GatorBait Triathlon that in August they participated in it together this year. It was a 500m swim which is about the length of 5 football fields. They biked 14 miles and then ran 4 miles. Jared felt like he really came to appreciate and know more about his son. Brigham loved getting to spend time with his dad. It was very enjoyable for both of them and woth the hard work. They trained hard for only about 3 weeks beforehand because they didn't hear about it earlier. It is quite an accomplishment for both of them. It is amazing to note that Brigham used to be quite afraid of swimming and water when he was a toddler but he has really overcome it! They are looking forward to training together for next year and improving their times. This first photo is one of their ranger training times at the lake and the next photo is the one where they slowly but steadily finished the race together. Would anyone like to come and join them next year in the Triathlon? I'm sure Jared would love to talk to you about that. (hint, hint:)

Way to go #245 and 246!

Noah's accomplishment this summer is becoming potty-trained! Vanessa took the time, care and patience to help train him. It worked and it really is super cool. He's been doing great!

Another neat thing that happened for Hope is that she was able to visit my sister, Bonnie in Arlington, VA for 2 1/2 weeks and see a lot of Washington D.C. Most amazingly, Hope earned all of her own money for the trip! She took over 300 pictures but she hasn't uploaded them yet so we'll have to put some up later. Needless to say, she had a blast!
Overall, it has been an amazing summer for us! I apologize that I'm forgetting a lot that I could mention. Although we are back to school now, it still feels like summer and it will until the end of October. So, we're still planning fun activities on weekends when Jared isn't working! :D

*What was your favorite summer memory this year?


Beck said...

I cant believe how grown up everyone looks. WOW!!! Has it really been that long?

Julie said...

Yes, it is amazing! It has been that long. I can't believe how much your children have grown and all that you've been through too in the last 5 years.

Niecole said...

I love your blog! These pictures looks like you all had loads of fun!!!!! The last one is really cute. I love reading about other peoples families, in a none stalker way hehe.

Julie said...

Thanks, Niecole! I'm glad you stopped by and we have had such a fun summer. Family blogs are so fun to read! :)