Sunday, March 16, 2008

Instant Messaging

Our little Zayah guy can be a handful of energy most of the time but he has one of neatest personalities that makes life fun. Here's a picture of him doing one of his most favorite things in the world and that is fishing. He also loved this shirt and when Mom would sing him "Fire Chief Dog." A silly song she made up.
Today, at dinner he made us all laugh really hard - one of the spit your drink out kind of laughs. Earlier, Nessa and Brigi were having fun instant messaging Uncle Sam. They were laughing and having a great time. When they came to the table for dinner, they were talking about how great it was to IM Uncle Sam. Zayah spoke right up and said: "You know I would really like to instant message a rabbit!" Of course, we couldn't contain our laughter and when that happens Zayah really starts to go to town and went on to talk about how great life would be if he could only IM a tiger or even an apple. It was one of those moments that you may not "get it" but we sure enjoyed it!
Another thing about Zayah that I was thinking about was one day Brigi announced that Zayah knew everything there was to know about penguins. We were wondering about that, after all he is only a little guy in Pre-K. One of Nessa's friends was here and didn't believe it either so she decided she would question him about penguins. She started asking questions about where penguins live, which one is the biggest, what do they eat and if they had feathers. The amazing thing is he knew the answers! We couldn't believe our ears and Zayah sure had fun making sure we knew all he knew about penguins.
In honor of this our fun fact today will be about penguins:
"Penguins don't live near freshwater -- at least none that isn't frozen. Instead they drink salt water. They have a special gland in their bodies that takes the salt out of the water they drink and pushes it out of grooves in their bill. A handy in-house filtration system!"

Penguins Rock!


iblis said...

a happy family..n a beautiful family..u r blessed. God bless.

Amanda said...

that's an adorable picture of him. :)

It's amazing what a store of info these guys can keep. We didn't believe Ambrose could add and subtract fractions in just kindergarten, but then he proved it to us, and it felt the same way you're describing about the penguins.

Marcia Mickelson said...

What a cute picture of Isaiah. What a fun blog. That's great that Hope is writing some of the messages.