Friday, March 21, 2008

Intrigued by N.G. article

On Weds., I took my children to the local library for a story time. We had such a fun time learning and reading about bunnies. They even had an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones. While we were there I noticed the National Geographic magazine on the shelf and I was intrigued with this article. If you have time to read it - go for it.
When I was young, my dad really enjoyed learning about the world around us and he had a subscription to National Geographic. I still remember reading about some of my favorite birds and science facts. I've never traveled outside of the U.S. except in the pages of this exceptional magazine. I'm always fascinated by what I may learn next and now they're online! It will be one of my favorite sites from now on.
This time I learned, in reading this article, that there is a reason to give animals our respect because they are exciting creatures. We are complex beings and so are they. I think you'll find that most amazing as well.

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