Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Nessa made a tie-dyed shirt

We made tie-dyed shirts at our family reunion.
Here's how Nessa did it with her cousin, Alesia.

First, you take a white shirt, pre-washed and dipped in a solution of Clorox bleach water. You swirl it, twirl and fold it a special way then wrapping rubber bands all around it to hold it together.

Second, you choose your favorite dye colors and squirt them within the rubber band realms to add color and design.

After you are done squirting, you package your t-shirt into a Wal-Mart sack and tie it up. Let it sit for 6 hours and then take it out. Rinse it in cold water and set it out to air dry. We did this outside in a kiddie swimming pool.

Here is a picture of the final result. They turned out really cool and with all the Carter cousins wearing them around the country you can blame us for bringing tie-dyed T-shirts back into style. Well, even if that doesn't quite happen, we really had a lot of fun making the shirts.


Amanda said...

How cool! I've never gotten to make a tye dye shirt, though my friend Sarah, who I'd known since elementary school, sent Morrigan a tye-dyed onesie when he was born. Really cool!

btw, I like your new picture under the flock rocks sign

Bonnie said...

Cute Shirts:)