Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Quilts of N.E.C.

A few times in my life, I have been very lucky and privileged to know someone who truly inspires me. My brother-in-law, Nathan, is one of those people. He is very talented, gifted really, in quilting. I always enjoy the different quilts he has worked on and I love the one he made me (I'll post that later). It was interesting to hear him talk about the quilt shop he works at as a hobby and the differences he realizes in quilt designs, fabrics and thread. He has an amazing eye for color and design. I also felt how giving he was when he mentioned that he had never sold any of his quilts or quilt tops. He has given them all away. These are heirloom quality quilts, I assure you, and this humbles me because it is very generous of him and his time. I am blown away each time I see one of his quilts for they are so beautiful.
As a young woman, I learned the process of quilting. I have made one quilt with my Grandma Rae (I'll post later) and perhaps a few pillows. It took a long time. I haven't been able to really quilt as much anymore with other demands on my time and my lack of knowledge as well. I understand this lengthy process and that's why Nathan's quilts that he gives as gifts truly inspire and humble me. Perhaps, I'll take up quilting again one day.
Thank you so much for sharing your quilts, Nathan. We love and appreciate you. Below are pictures of his quilts, unique and original made by him. (Please don't copy the photos without my express permission as I would need to get permission from the quilter as well.) Enjoy!

This first quilt (quilt block shown here) is made entirely of oriental fabrics. Nathan gave this to his sister, Martha, who served an LDS mission to Hong Kong. It was so fun because he wrapped it in Christmas wrapping paper with a note stating "Do not open until Christmas 2010." But he nicely let them open them early.

Martha and Nathan holding up the Oriental Quilt.

This next quilt is the one he gave to his sister, Katherine for Christmas 2011. It is made entirely of 1860's American Civil War reproduction fabrics since, I'm guessing here, Katherine likes to learn about culture and history and has home decor of historical items in her home.

"My inspiration is art... because without art we would just be stuck with reality."

Daniel Robert Lynch


Amanda said...

Those are gorgeous Julie. They remind me of the quilts my great-grandma used to make for us. She made one for each of the great grandchildren before she died, and she let us pick out the color schemes. It was wonderful. These are so thoughtful, especially picking out the themes and such.

Bonnie said...

Wow, that is so amazing. He should sell them. :)