Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April '09 Finally catching Up!

Jared is finishing up his Spring semester in school and enjoying it tremendously. He actually helped me write this post as well.
Julie is busy writing poetry and scrapbooking fun pages and layouts lately. She was successful teaching the activity day girls in her ward about scrapbooking. They made a layout for their mom's for Mother's Day. It turned out fun and memorable for each of the girls.
Hopie continues to do brilliant things in the 7th grade. She recently completed a fabulous report on Cyclopes. Her parents are pleased to report that she is of such a character, that their fears about raising teenagers remain unrealized. She is a sweetheart and a pleasure to have in our home. She's also discovered that she has a flair for art and photography. She is one of the one hundred featured artists in the upcoming middle school art show known as SHARE. We'll post more about it in May when we attend the reception and the unveiling of her art project she entered!
Brig is eager to get started in 6th grade next year. He met with the band director who spent several minutes with him fitting him for different instruments. The director felt, and Cowboy agrees, that the trombone will be an excellent fit! He is pictured here with his Science Project on planets. He used glow-in-the-dark paint and now enjoys it hanging in his room. As an 11 year old scout he is excited to be attending Merit Badge University at a local university in the coming week.
Nessa recently performed in the ward talent show doing a dance routine with several of the girls that she attends activity days with. It was a delightful experience for both the dancers and observers. Nessa did a great job - Really cute! She has completed several projects in school, one being a replica of the Alamo complete with cleverly made toothpick people, and has been noticed for her hard work. Her Alamo project stayed on display at the school library for an entire month. Zayah made a comment to her about how his class saw it. It really turned out great!
Zayah is doing a fabulous job in Kindergarten. He clearly favors the use of his left hand and is the first of our children to have legible handwriting at the age of 5. Lefties Unite !!!!!!!!
Gracie adores her trips to the library with her mother. Each evening she haggles with Daddy about how many books they will read before bed. She usually starts with three books. When he is lucky, he can talk her down to two.
Noah, in contrast to his older brothers (at the same age), is quite fearless where climbing is concerned. Top of the piano - fall - counter top - fall - table top - fall - he remains undaunted and unharmed. He's little Mr. Boogie pants and begins bobbing up and down any time he encounters a catchy tune - If there is a beat, he'll dance. His three sisters think he's the cheese.


Marcia Mickelson said...

Your kids are so talented & brilliant. Thanks for sharing the fun photos.

Julie said...

Thanks so much, Marcia! I'm glad you liked these wacky photos.

Skeet said...

Cute Family. Wow, six kiddos. Great to hear from you again.