Thursday, April 16, 2009

February '09

Kindergarten Fairy Tale Ball
Isaiah's class dressed up as their favorite fairy tale characters and had a Fairy Tale Ball. Isaiah wanted to be Prince Charming and I think he accomplished just that. Jared was able to attend and he said that Isaiah was a perfect gentleman at the ball and was so cute! Too bad, I wasn't able to talk him into being Mr. Darcy.

Oh, but Mom, I don't know who Mr. Darcy is?

I'll admit I'm completely biased, but isn't he charming, though?

Our Butterfly Girl's Birthday

Nessa turned 10! She's in double digits now! She was very excited about that, I think.
Jared made her favorite dinner and cake. I made her birthday card and made sure to buy her presents. Incidentally, she loved her book and 3-D puzzle! Her birthday party was a wonderful time for all! She shares so much happiness with us! I love to see her smile! :)

Valentine's Day

Jared made the morning something special with his gourmet breakfast. He made crepes filled with raspberries, cream and chocolate, of course! It was amazingly yummy! Not only did he make breakfast in bed for me but for all three of our girls as well! They were so surprised and never saw that coming! Each girl received a valentine card, (which had been signed by all the boys in the family), flower arrangement and a stuffed animal as well. So darling!
Brigham and Isaiah helped with the preparations too. What a loving memory for all of us!

The Diary of a Teenage Birthday

Wow, Can you believe that? Hopie is 13! A teen! It's Amazing! We are so happy to have her in our family and we love her! She is so helpful and kind to her brothers and sisters.
I think it's the cutest when Gracie and Noah give her hugs! My heart melts a million times over!
Hopie is becoming a beautiful young lady, a talented artist and photographer as well! I'm putting up a photo that she took of Brigham that I think you'll see that she has an incredible eye for taking photo's!


Bonnie said...

Your family is so cute! I love the picture Hope took. She is really, really good:)

Marcia Mickelson said...

Isaiah is totally cute as Prince Charming. What a great husband and daddy and brothers to give you guys breakfast in bed & flowers. What a nice, special day for all of you.

I was just going to ask who took that amazing picture of Brigham. Wow! It's so good. She's very talented. It looks professional. I love it!

Isaac and Becky said...

Ok honestly everytime I look at your blog my mouth water...why is that! haha!

As for Hope being a photographer...heck yeah she is. Brigham looks so grown up. They both do. Time is flying by too fast Julie.