Thursday, April 24, 2008

Old photos

Since I'm at a loss most days on what to write about, I thought that I would post some old photos once a week that I thought you'd enjoy of my children.

Memorial Day Race 2005

Hopie, Brigi, and Nessa entered the kids race for Memorial Day. They ran in honor of the Dad who was serving in Iraq that year. At the beginning of the race, I think they thought it would be fun. At the end, they were tired, wet & cold since it rained on them pretty good throughout the race. My dad, Roger and my brother, Mike also ran in the adult portion of the race. They are pictured in the group picture with two friends from Mike's work.
All of the children were given medals for finishing the race. Nessa didn't like that because she was tripped up at the beginning of the race and fell hard. I ended up walking her to the end of the race and she did finish with a little coaxing. They even gave a medal to little Zayah who was in the stroller. That was really cute! I can't believe I finished myself as I was 8 mo.'s pregnant with Gracie at the time. I had to pat myself on the back as well.
Great job, everyone!


Bonnie said...

That is really cool Julie. I am glad you all finished and had fun together as a family.

Amanda said...

8 months - what an achievment! Vanessa looks so tiny here!